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DOT 3D Solution is an easy to use and professional 3D capturing hardware and software to work with various sensors such as Intel® Realsense, DPI-10/DPI-10SR for more capacity and ruggedness or DT Research with GNSS. DOT 3D Pro /Edit / and Viewer runs on android Phones and Tablet. It is the tool for all owner operators and service provider for quick evaluation and at the same time, high detailed data to be used in many applications.

3D Scanning Software

Dot3D Pro

Flagship 3D Scanning App for Android or Windows

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Dot3D Scan

The Affordable 3D Capture Solution for Smaller Projects

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Dot3D Edit

Cross-platform point cloud productivity tool.

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Dot3D View

Share scan data across platforms with free viewing ...

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Handheld 3D Capture Kits

The new standard in handheld 3D scanning. Cross-platform and cross-sensor compatibility.


Handheld 3D Scanner | Out most versatile complete 3D capture kit
Available for Android or Windows tablets.

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Handheld 3D Scanner | Short range model for close proximity scans
Available for Android or Windows tablets.

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Intel® RealSense Kits

3D Depth Cameras | Affordable, daylight-capable 3D cameras for tablets, phones, rugged tablets, and the DPI-10/SR

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• The COMPLETE SOLUTION for Professional Handheld 3D Capture
• High speed capture and portability
• Available for Android and Windows tablets
• Fully compatible with Intel® RealSense depth cameras for daylight scanning
• Real-time 3D for your industry
• Instant, accurate 3D data capture for direct comparison with CAD

Core capabilities

• Instant capture of 3D color data with full freedom of motion
• Accurate and reliable results in complex environments
• Review, edit your point-cloud immediately on tablet
• Export directly to industry standard color point cloud formats
• Professional features enable high accuracy scanning of larger areas.
• Fully compatible with Intel® RealSense depth cameras for daylight scanning - Intel® RealSense D415 (even in sunlight)

Available Options:

• Long Range (2-12 ft range)
• or Short Range (1-6 ft range)
• Android (Samsung Galaxy Tab S6)
• or Windows (Microsoft Surface Go)
• Intel® RealSense D415 for use in sunlight
• DPI Light Kit for scanning in dark spaces
• DPI Extension Kit for hard-to-reach areas
• AccuScale-DP, InfiPoints DP, Pointfuse for DP

DotProduct Accessories


Mounted Light Kit

Obtain full color, shadowless data, even in complete darkness.

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DPI Extension Kit

Extend the reach of your DPI scanner, while maintaining control of the tablet at your fingertips.

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Accuscale-DP Scale Bar Kit

Obtain the highest level of accuracy and confidence out of your DPI Kit, without the need for any manual measurements or input.

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InfiPoints DP

Android app for converting DP scans to surfaces / cylinders
• Automatic feature extraction on the Dot Product DPI-8S and DPI-8S SR
Scan to CAD on Android
• Extract planes and cylinders from DP point cloud data on the tablet.
• Export IGES & DWG models for direct import into leading CAD & BIM tools.
• Scan straight to CAD on the tablet! Get the data you need in minutes.​

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Pointfuse for DP

• Windows app for converting DP scans to lightweight 3D meshes
• Instantly convert DP point clouds into colorized 3D vector models
Automatic extraction of vector geometry from DotProduct scan data
• Convert DP point clouds into 3D models with a powerfully simple "one button" approach
• Create intelligent, lightweight meshes with isolated surfaces and features that can be separately selected and manipulated in leading CAD applications
• Export directly to DAE, DXF, FBX, IFC, SKP, STL, OBJ, X3D, NWC
• Send to Pointfuse directly from Dot3D Edit 2.0 on Windows

Dot Product Partner Workflow