AVEVA LFM | Cloud-Enabled 3D Data Management


Manage massive amounts of 3D point cloud data to create opportunity throughout the project and operations lifecycle.

A digital twin is only as good as the data that comprises it. To combat risk, industrial leaders enlist 3D data capture technology to maintain an accurate as-is condition of the asset as continuous change occurs throughout the asset and operations lifecycle.

AVEVA’s LFM point cloud management solutions help to break down the silos between engineering, project execution, and operations lifecycles by creating an accessible, detailed, and secure digital asset to enable data-rich value additions throughout your projects and operations lifecycle. Ensure the digital and physical representations are aligned to help you make informed decisions, reduce project rework, and improve safety on your most critical assets.

AVEVA LFM SERVER Delivering point cloud data

As 3D data capture continues to become easier and more affordable it has become the technology of choice for an ‘as-is’ representation of your asset. LFM Server enables users to maximise the value of the rich information from point cloud data.

LFM Server is the most advanced solution available for accessing pre-registered laser scan data and working with it directly in 3D CAD systems. It is simple to use and offers unrivalled performance and functionality.

Key features

• Import data from any 3D capture device – export to any CAD package.
• Load an unlimited number of scans without compromise with 'InfiniteCore' technology.
• Clash detect proposed CAD design against the as-built environment.
• Navigate in 'BubbleView' as if present on site or fly through with 'Solid Pointcloud'.


LFM NetView Secures Global Collaboration Across Multiple Teams LFM NetView delivers the as-operated asset conditions to the desktops and mobile devices of all asset stakeholders, allowing for secure global collaboration across multiple project teams and partner companies.
LFM NetView is a web-based application suitable for use in both engineering project execution and asset management. Utilising the power of laser scanning, it enables secure, on-demand access to an immersive 3D representation of the existing site conditions of an asset.

Utilising the Power of Laser Scanning

The high quality, photorealistic environment provides invaluable context to the information and intelligence required for modification projects and day-to-day maintenance and operations. An unlimited number of users can access this immersive environment, using 3D mark-up functionality to add and share information across multiple project teams. This provides a powerful collaboration tool and expands the value of affordable laser scanning beyond the traditional engineering and design teams and into operations functions. Tablet operation, and the ability to take project data ‘offline’, facilitate truly remote access, whether on-site for walk-downs and inspection or on the other side of the world for owner reviews and modification planning.