Feature Release 2020.0

The Project Alignment Dashboard provides tools that enable you to change global coordinates in your project. Use these tools after you have processed and registered all your project scans. Project alignment tools are often helpful when you want to export your project for use with other data. The tools can ensure that the exported data matches the coordinate system of the data you want to use with it.

Two-Point Alignment: Use the two-point alignment tool to change the origin position and orientation of your project's coordinate system while keeping the up direction unchanged.

Three-Point Alignment: Use the three-point alignment tool to change the origin position and the orientation of your project's coordinate system. You can select an existing scan point to serve as the origin, or you can set an offset to a selected point to move the origin to a place where no scan points exist.

FARO FocusS Swift Indoor Mobile Scanner Integration: SCENE 2020.0 supports the processing of FARO Swift scans. FARO Swift is a collection of features that makes it possible for a FARO FocusS laser scanner and a FARO ScanPlan to work together to complete scanning projects much faster than with the laser scanner alone. The software uses a simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) algorithm that enables you to scan while the scanner is in motion. This can significantly reduce the scanning time and the cost of large scanning projects.

Handheld Scan Repair Tool: The Handheld Scan Repair Tool provides the ability to mark an area in a handheld scan that contains a tracking error, and to reprocess the scan to correct the error.

SEMA File Format Export: SCENE can now export SEMA files (*.SPW).


software is specifically designed for all Focus and third-party laser scanners. Process and manage scan data efficiently and easily by using real time, on-site registration, automatic object recognition, scan registration, and positioning. Generate high-quality data in full color quickly and conveniently by incorporating images from automated targetless and targetbased scan positioning.

Users can begin the evaluation and processing immediately by performing simple measurements, creating stunning 3D visualizations or exporting to various point cloud and CAD formats once SCENE has prepared the scan data. In addition, SCENE features an impressive Virtual Reality (VR) View, allowing users to experience and evaluate captured data in the VR environment

Explore Scan Data in 2D, 3D and Virtual Reality (VR)

Explore scan data in unmatched clarity and visual quality due to solid surface rendering and HDR colorization. Visualization of data in 2D, 3D andVR gives an immersive experience in viewing project point clouds in full detail in the 3D Virtual Reality.

Efficient Data Processing Various tools

for scan data filtering improve the cleanliness and color balancing of each scan data set. The automatic filter for moving objects significantly reduces the need for manual cleaning. Batch-Processing allows automated marker detection, scan optimization and scan registration with minimized effort.

Easy Data Registration SCENE

features professional and automatic workflows for target based and targetless (Cloud2Cloud) scan registration. The powerful on-site registration functionality allows complete scan project processing and registration directly on the measurement site in real time.

Intuitive Data Organization SCENE

features a very intuitive and easy to learn user interface. Features such as hierarchical data structure or project history management allow efficient handling of large projects. A seamless integration of scan data is secured through the support of various import and export formats.

Plug-Ins and Apps

for Extended Functionality Extend the SCENE functionality with various plug-ins and apps to obtain added value for special workflows and applications.