BuildIT Construction 2020


What's new with BuildIT Construction 2020

As the first fully integrated building lifecycle quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) management tool for construction professionals, our latest release for FARO® BuildIT Construction Software brings even more features to support full visibility of continuous construction verification.

BuildIT Construction 2020 now features an enhanced user interface and interactive real-time accessibility for all stakeholders. Here are two feature highlights from the latest release:

Customized WorkbenchUsers become more productive while working with the new customized workbench tooling designed for various QA/QC workflows.

WebShare Cloud IntegrationResults from verification data can be shared instantly online with all project owners via integration with FARO SCENE WebShare Cloud.

Analyze floor flatness rapidly according to the metric standard ASTM E1155MExtending functionality to more local floor flatness standards.

BuildIT Construction

BuildIT develops and distributes custom and off-the-shelf 3D software solutions that interface with coordinate measurement machines (CMM) for Real-Time Part Inspection, Tool Building, Assembly, Alignment, Measurement Process Automation, Meshing and Quality Control.

Validate, Evaluate, Position and Monitor

BuildIT Construction is a construction verification software solution that enables AEC professionals to facilitate and accelerate prefabricated part positioning and monitoring, validation to BIM and project evaluation with high accuracy by using 3D analysis in adherence to design and structural specifications. Utilizing BuildIT Construction allows users to drastically reduce costs and detect errors early on to avoid expensive rework. Leveraging the robust and powerful platform of BuildIT’s cutting-edge 3D metrology software for manufacturing, BuildIT Construction addresses all quality assurance and quality control processes throughout the building and facility lifecycle

Streamline Your Construction Workflows

Pair 3D scanning with BuildIT Construction to avoid rework and reduce scrap in your construction projects. By avoiding rework, you can reduce your build cost by approximately 50%. You can take accurate full measurements continuously throughout the build process and immediately find discrepancies. Such early detection makes contractors and architects perform better, saving time and money since errors do not stack up and cost of rework is subsequently reduced.

BuildIT interfaces directly with the FARO Focus Scanner, as well as Laser Trackers, Total Stations and Laser Projectors. You can import points (*.e57, *.XYZ, *.FLS, etc) and digital building plans from a variety of industry-standard sources (Revit, AutoCAD, STEP, IGES, ACIS, etc).

Validation to BIM Close the building lifecycle loop by incorporating your validation. Import digital building plans and compare your actual measurements:
• Position to design
• Identify missing objects
• Adjust original BIM to as-built position